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Unmanned Aviator's Geospatial Information Systems

Documents Project


The UAGIS Project aims to help fill in gaps in field knowledge to prepare UA both seasoned and new to the profession. It is meant to act as a wiki for the software and data analysis components of the job for unmanned airmen to be full-stack in the unmanned aviation field.


The docs aim to gover a wide breadth of topics to enable unmanned airmen to be full-stack in the field because of common knowledge. The goal of the project is to encourage seasoned professionals to contribue and help the industry innovate by establishing an enviable uniform knowledge baseline that encourages and enables industry growth and talent development.

Currently, the goal is to build a full-stack archive for UA to reference when needed - or at least point them in the right direction. The current scope of the project is as follows:

  • Ground School - The basics UA should know before taking on a geospatial information-related mission.
  • Mission Planning - The general mission planning checklists to be referenced and configured accordingly (and to FAA standards).
  • Software - An overview on the software UA should become acquainted with in order to maintain an enviable track record of missions.
  • Hardware - An overview of existing technology and hardware for different types of data aggregation. Know what needs to be known to do the job right.

Support the project!

If you feel something should be included in the docs, let me know by submitting a GitHub issue here. If you're interested in the project and want to contribute, let me know via email here.